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Profits & Passions

They help kids dig their wells

For about a decade, Brandon and Mara Steiner have focused on helping teenage kids in Westchester build foundations – and dig wells – for their future lives and careers as adults. ...

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Mrs. Gottlieb goes to Washington: An adoption story

Bernice Gottlieb's memoir, “Take My Children: An Adoption Story,” takes its title from the reluctant pleas of Korean parents to have their children delivered from lives spent in the leper colonies to which families of patients then were confined. Gottlieb pledged to deliver their children to safe homes and secure lives in America. ...

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Artistry revisited

Pam Older spent years in the publishing industry but revitalized an early love to become a full-time jewelry designer. Today, she sells her creations through boutiques, events and national catalogs. ...

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