Court orders O&G Industries to remove Bridgeport debris dump

By Phil Hall

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Bridgeport’s O&G Industries was ordered by a Fairfield District Superior Court judge to remove its massive debris dump from Seaview Avenue in the city’s East End.

Photo: Autumn Driscoll / Hearst Connecticut Media

The O&G dump, dubbed “Mount Trashmore II” by Mayor Joe Ganim – the first Mount Trashmore was an infamous 35-foot-tall illegal construction debris dump in the 1990s – has been the subject of the city’s efforts to eradicate urban blight. Last August, the city began fining O&G $100 a day for maintaining the dump.

“With this court ruling to cease and desist, the residents of the city of Bridgeport win,” said Ganim following the release of a 21-page court ruling that was written by Judge Dale Radcliffe.

City Attorney R. Christopher Meyer noted that O&G “has been ordered to immediately cease and desist and we fully expect compliance with the court’s order.”

The company did not issue a public statement regarding the court ruling.


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