Sikorsky in partnership on Turkish helicopter development

By Phil Hall

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Sikorsky has announced the transfer of its S-70i Black Hawk helicopter to the Turkish defense manufacturer Aselan to be used as the prototype aircraft for the Turkish Utility Helicopter Program.

According to the Stratford-based company, the helicopter will have the Integrated Modular Avionics System, an avionics suite

Daniel C. Schultz

designed by Aselsan and Sikorsky with input from Turkish Aerospace Industries and the Turkish Armed Forces. It will be used in the new T70 utility helicopter being developed for the Turkish military. This prototype will also serve as the model for Turkish-built Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk aircraft that will be sold internationally. Sikorsky estimated the avionics suite will be ready for initial deliveries of T70 aircraft to Turkish end users in 2021.

“Delivery of this S-70i prototype fulfills a major milestone for the Turkish Utility Helicopter Program, and signals our continued close collaboration with Aselsan and the other aerospace companies led by TAI,” Sikorsky President Daniel C. Schultz said. “The employees of Sikorsky are honored that the largest international industrialization project in our 93-year history will help all the end-users fulfill their requirements for a modern utility helicopter based on the Black Hawk aircraft, while adding Turkish-developed avionics technology to further distinguish this proven platform.”


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