Fairfield County has highest gas prices in state

By Phil Hall

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There is good news and not-good news when it comes to Thanksgiving week gas prices: the statewide average is falling, but Fairfield County is the most expensive part of the state when it comes to filling the tank.

guy-with-gas-pump-clipartAccording to data from AAA, today’s statewide average gas price for regular is $2.29, down from last week’s $2.31 but higher than the $2.25 average from this time last year. Among the four major metro areas within Connecticut, the Bridgeport-Stamford corridor recorded an average of $2.39, which is slightly higher when compared with the averages in the Hartford metro market ($2.26), the New Haven-Meriden area ($2.25) and the New London-Norwich section ($2.28).

Nonetheless, Connecticut’s gas pump prices are pricier when compared with the national average of $2.13 – but they seem like a bargain compared with the average prices reported in Hawaii ($2.87), California ($2.70), Washington ($2.63), Alaska ($2.61), Nevada ($2.47) and Oregon ($2.45).


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Phil Hall is a former United Nations-based reporter for Fairchild Broadcast News, the author of seven books, the host of the SoundCloud podcast "The Online Movie Show" and a writer with credits in The New York Times, New York Daily News and Wired.

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  1. Trevor

    Lower the gas taxes and shrink all governments.

    Democrats – stop trying to tax the hardworking people out of the state.

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