State approves $30M microgrid installation projects

By Phil Hall

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The State Bond Commission has allocated $30 million for the expansion of microgrid installations across Connecticut.

According to a New Haven Register report, the state has pursued a microgrid strategy since 2012, which involves localized grouping of electricity sources and loads that can either operate separately or in a connection to the existing power grid. To date, microgrids are operational in the town of Fairfield and at the University of Hartford and Middletown’s Wesleyan University.
Microgrids have been installed at the University of Bridgeport and in the town of Windham, but have yet to be tested. The new state funding will enable microgrid installations across neighborhoods in Bridgeport, Hartford, Milford and Woodbridge.

“This funding will mean further progress in our efforts to minimize hardships to our residents and businesses during times when the electric power grid goes down as the result of severe storms,” said Gov. Dannel P. Malloy in a statement following the bond commission’s funding approval.


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