Doctors of Distinction nominations open

By Danielle Brody

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The Westchester County Doctors of Distinction Awards returns this year with reinvigorated and expanded categories to honor top medical professionals and now, one outstanding medical school student. Event co-founders, which include the Westchester County Business Journal, Citrin Cooperman and Westchester County Medical Society, have opened nominations to the public.

This is an opportunity to recognize the physicians who make an impact each and every day on people’s lives. Candidates are judged by an objective panel of professionals. The deadline to submit nominations is Sept. 14. To submit a nomination, visit

The award categories include:

  • All in the Family: This award will recognize husbands and wives, parents and children or siblings who work together in a practice or separately, dedicating their lives to make other lives better.
  • No Land Too Far (Humanitarian): This award will recognize a doctor who donates his or her time and expertise to countries where medical care is either nonexistent or at barest minimum.
  • Cutting Edge (Excellence in medical research): This award will recognize a doctor who spends endless hours working on research and clinical trials to develop new cures.
  • Caring for all (Community service): This award will recognize a doctor who turns no patient away, but rather devotes time and effort pro bono.
  • Female trailblazer: This award will recognize a female doctor who has made great strides in empowering other women to advocate for themselves and be aware of their specific medical needs.
  • Promise for the Future: This award will recognize a medical student who excels in his or her studies and will bring compassionate care and a fresh perspective to the medical profession.
  • Lifetime Achievement: This award recognizes a physician respected for a lifetime career in the medical profession.

The winners will be announced in late September and will be celebrated Oct. 27  at sponsoring host, New York Medical College’s 7 Dana Road facility in Valhalla. Danziger & Markhoff LLP, Greenwich Hospital, The Bristal Assisted Living and Val’s Putnam Wines & Liquors are also event sponsors. For more information on Doctors of Distinction or to become a sponsor, contact Danielle Brody at or 914-358-0757.


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