Stamford office promotes dogs at work

By Bill Fallon

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The Romans had a saying that translates, “Love me, love my dog.”

In Stamford, Bob LaBanca, president of printing company Impression Point Inc. on West Avenue, keeps the sentiment alive with a dog-friendly office and a push to spread the kibbles to more offices this June.

“We actually have been bringing our dogs to work for a long time,” LaBanca said. “After 14 years in business, not a problem.”

June 24 will be his company’s third time participating in the national Take Your Dog to Work Day, which dates to 1999.

LaBanca laid out the benefits, saying, “Overall a calming influence and it brings people together.”

LaBanca has dedicated a page on his website to the effort, which includes a picture of Sugar, “our favorite source of comic relief and white dog fur around the house and office. We adopted her as a six year old, a few years ago from Minnesota, but it feels like she’s always been a part of the family. Now nine years old, her face has gone a little gray, but don’t let her age fool you; ‘White Lightning’ has the energy of a puppy and is always ready to play.”


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