Wright Tech high school receives $5M in state funding

By Danielle Brody

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J.M. Wright Technical High School in Stamford can continue to grow with nearly $5 million in funding secured by Stamford representatives in the General Assembly.

The delegation procured $1,466,234 for fiscal year 2016 and $3,516,042 for fiscal year 2017 to help the school increase enrollment. Wright Tech reopened in 2014 after suspending operations in 2009. The school offers a variety of technology, science, health, automotive and media programs and has partnerships with numerous southwestern Connecticut businesses related to those areas.

Enrollment is expected to grow by approximately 150 each year as each class of students moves up a grade. In the next two years, the money will be used to fill about 35 full- and part-time positions at the school and to buy educational supplies, textbooks and equipment.

“We fought successfully to reopen Wright Tech, and we continue to fight for increased funding to ensure its success,” said state Sen. Carlo Leone, D-Stamford. “Wright Tech provides a 21st century technical education that empowers our students to be competitive in the job market and to be the backbone of a thriving Connecticut workforce.”


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