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Since the founding of the Wilton Library Association in 1895, providing valuable resources and a welcoming environment has been our calling card. But, much like any other business, our menu of goods and services has evolved to meet the needs of our clientele. And our clientele has grown — in addition to serving Wilton, our customer base now extends throughout Fairfield County and Connecticut, incorporating businesses and communities near and far.

Elaine Tai-Lauria
Elaine Tai-Lauria

The Wilton Library of 2015 meets our customers’ needs and preferences by offering cutting-edge technologies and enhanced resources. Our Innovation Station maker space, unveiled June 2014, gives patrons and business users access to the latest technologies and equipment — opening avenues of inspiration that might not otherwise be available to many.

New technology also has impacted the ways our traditional library resources are utilized. As time passes, more and more books and magazines are read in digital and audio formats and movies and music are accessed by downloading or streaming.

Today’s Wilton Library spaces offer more than just a reading room atmosphere. Walk into 137 Old Ridgefield Road on any given day, and yes, there are still plenty of those quiet areas as well as hard copies of all the books, magazines, newspapers, music and movies a heart could desire. But today, we also deliver the opportunity to experiment on 3D printers, surf the web on new computers, embroider an object with an electronic sewing machine, build your own small circuit board, learn to use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop or even explore how to Tweet for the first time. You can even charge your electronic vehicle in our parking lot.

New resources, opportunities and connections are yours to explore and experience at Wilton Library. Whether your needs are personal or business related, we invite you to utilize our Innovation Station equipment, coordinate a training class in our Computer Lab for your employees, host a meeting in our private spaces that can accommodate up to 155 or perhaps just relax fireside with The Wall Street Journal.

For Connecticut businesses and communities, we are a gateway to discovery — a center to celebrate words, images, ideas, technologies and possibilities. Visit us today in Wilton town center or virtually at wiltonlibrary.org.

Elaine Tai-Lauria is executive director of the Wilton Library Association, a member of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County.


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